​We distribute a wide range of tyres including passenger car tyres (PCR), truck and bus radial tyres (TBR), suburban utility vehicle tyres (SUV), 4X4 tyres, commercial / industrial off-the-road (OTR) tyres and motorcycle tyres. The list of brands in stock includes:​

● Toyo (PCR, TBR, SUV, 4X4) – Toyo Tires have stood for innovation, quality, performance and excellent service for 70 years. Whether you're looking for top quality tyres for everyday driving, or to take you around the racetrack faster than anyone else, TOYO has the tyre for your needs.

● Maxxis (PCR, TBR, SUV, 4x4, Motorcycle) – As one of the most respected tyre brands in the world, Maxxis tyres ensure optimum comfort and safety.

● BFGoodrich (SUV, 4X4) – BFGoodrich Tyres offer more fun in your driving. Designed for off-roading and track day events, they are ideal for racing vehicles.

● Jinyu (PCR, TBR) – Offering advanced tyre production, development, test machines and professional techniques.

● Chao Yang (PCR, TBR) – The number one Chinese tyre manufacturer is also one of the top ten global tyre makers.

● Galaxy (OTR) – This American brand focuses on specific sectors and provides customers with purpose built products.

Maxxis Tires International is committed to delivering high performance affordable tires to the world.