Galaxy brand was born in America, but is sold the world over. Galaxy specializes in certain focused segments, providing ATG’s customers with products and solutions that are application specific and purpose built.

Galaxy’s range of SkidSteer and Contract utility tires is a popular choice for leading OEM and aftermarket users. The Galaxy Hulk offers one of the highest tread depths in the segment while the Galaxy Beefy Baby has been the global standard bearer for the brand for more than two decades. Galaxy tires provide superior performance, long life and exceptional value, which appeals to the loyal following the brand has garnered.



Yardmaster Ultra

The Galaxy YardMaster Ultra is a premium service tire designed to operate in the most demanding applications. Engineered with a heavy duty construction to resist abrasions, punctures and impacts. The wide, flat tread profile provides excellent stability in forklift applications. 


Giraffe XLW

Designed for compacting roadbeds and rolling asphalt road surfaces, the smooth wide tread provides even pressure on road surfaces. The compound used in this tire provides enhanced resistance to oily chemicals used in compacting applications.

Super High Lift

The Galaxy Super High Lift R-1 has heavy lug R-1 design that combines the toughness of a construction tire with the traction and self-cleaning of a tractor tire. It is a great choice for loaders and telehandlers operating in all conditions, especially soft soil and mud. The flat, wide tread provides stability stability for telehandlers and high-lifting loaders. Its 45 degree design is proven for smooth ride and good cleaning and traction in soft soils.

Super Industrial Lug

Many of the Galaxy-branded backhoe tires are made heavier and beefier, with more plies than other tires in order to provide superior strength and a longer life. The design of this tire has won it the distinction of being selected as an Original Equipment choice by several world-class manufacturers.

Beefy Baby

The Beefy Baby II is the standard bearer of the Galaxy family of skid steer tires. Beefy Baby II tires are the most durable and versatile skid steer R-4 bias ply tires in the Galaxy skid steer range. They have been proven to be the lowest cost per hour R-4 tires in the market. Users, renters, dealers and OEMs have all acknowledged that the Beefy Baby is the best performing R-4 design skid steer tire in the world, making it the standard by which all other skid steer tires are measured. This leading market position was earned over many years of service thanks to the Beefy Baby II's wear resistant compound, superior tread design, super sidewall and rim shield protector.


The Hulk has a unique tread pattern that allows it to operate in severe applications while providing superior self cleaning characteristics. The Hulk has a minimum tread depth of 44/32nds and a lug to void ratio of 68% solid to 32% void. Because of the deep tread depths and solid to void ratio, the Hulk L-5 will provide extraordinary hours of service and reduces downtime due to cuts and punctures.

XD 2010

The Galaxy XD 2010 has solid center for long wear on hard surfaces. The open, deep shoulders are designed for traction off-road. And is made with highly abrasion resistant tread compound. The tire features a rim shield protector and a heavy sidewall. The casing is designed with a neutral contour. That is, the un-inflated and inflated shapes are virtually identical, this results in minimum distortion and stresses in the inflated tire, which enhances both reliability and tread wear. the XD 2010 is also widelu used as Original Equiment by many machine manufacturers.


EXR 300

The Galaxy EXR 300 features an aggressive new tread design that delivers superior traction.Large, wide center lugs provide excellent ground contact for maximum stability.