JINYU tires will keep efforts for building a beautiful, harmonious society together. Offering advanced tyre production, development, test machines and professional techniques.

Passenger Tyres


A pattern specially designed to elevate the performance of traction and manipulation on wet & dry roads.


A pattern specially designed to elevate the performance of traction and manipulation on wet & dry roads.

​High Performance


  • Fuel Saving & Silence
Silica compound helps to lower the rolling resistance and oil consumption.
One-up block sequence with changing pitches and sipes provides low noise and high comfort.
  • Handling

Asymmetric pattern with enhanced center rib provides perfect grip and handling, enhanced precision steering, and braking. 4 wide longitudinal main grooves with horizontal grooves enhance water expulsion and handling in wet conditions.​


  • Dry And Wet Road Performance

Optimized tread formula ensures excellent skid resistance on wet roads, high traction and low rolling resistance on dry roads.

  • Excellent Handling

Impressive asymmetric pattern and reinforced center rib provide good handling and braking performance; outstanding cornering ability ensures driving comfortable. Inner pattern contributes to excellent water expulsion; outer pattern helps to provide a wider rubber-to-road contact area and upgrades maneuverability.



Excellent Performance & Crossing Country

Wide grooves provide excellent draining, gripping and driving performances on wet pavements.

Optimal combination of wide longitundal groove and specially designed blocks. Pressure balance structure helps to maintain good performance on paved and unpaved roads. Provides excellent sport properties and driving comfort in the field.


Precise design of block distances, angles and dense small grooves helps to efficiently reduce noise.


Ladder - like structure at the bottom of the grooves connects the blocks on both sides, upgrades lateral strength, improves maneuverability and efficiently avoids picking up stones. Wide center rib provides excellent steering performance.

YS 77

Choose the YS77 tyres when you want high quality replacements at the best price. There is no compromise on safety or performance with Jinyu tyres and this makes them extremely popular with drivers everywhere. For the best performance on every journey, regardless of conditions, environment or situation, there’s no better choice than YS77 tyres.

Make every journey an adventure and go anywhere with the confidence that your tyres will last as long as you need them too.

Light Truck

JA 519

  • ​Outstanding wear resistance 
  • Silence 
  • Low fuel consumption 
  • Good cost performance

JA 510

  • Long lifetime,great stability at high speed 
  • Great durability 
  • Low noise performance


JA 526

  • Anti-peeling 
  • Cutting-resistance 
  • Excellent load

JY 526

  • ​Anti-peeling 
  • Cutting-resistance 
  • Excellent load

JY 601

  • Standard load 
  • Low heat build-up 
  • Excellent durability

JY 566

  • Excellent durability 
  • Low heat build-up 
  • Excellent load 
  • Long life-time

JY 560