Step 1
Carefully check the details of your insurance policy for excess & contribution payments, courtesy car entitlement etc.

Step 2
Register the claim with your insurance company, provide us with a claim reference, police report, mulqia & driver’s license.

Step 3
Our qualified technicians will inspect the vehicle’s damage and send a repair estimate to your insurance.

​Step 4
Your insurance assessor will inspect the damage and decide on which parts to be replaced or repaired.

Step 5
The repair can only start after we receive written authorization ( LPO ) from your insurance.​​

Step 6
Replacement parts are ordered, we only use genuine parts.​​​​

Step 7
When the parts arrive we can begin the repair with our trained technicians.​​​

Step 8
Once the repair is complete we carry out final quality checks, (all work is guaranteed).

Step 9
The vehicle is cleaned & prepared for hand-over, (professional detailing (( ValPol ) is available on request).

Step 10
Your insurance company will issue a final LPO with a vehicle release notification.

Step 11
BODYCENTER will collect any excess & contribution payments from you, as per your policy terms & conditions.

Step 12
Finally, only after all these steps are completed can your vehicle be released.