In just over a decade Lexus has developed an undisputed reputation for building award-winning luxury SUVs of exceptional quality, durability and comfort. Now, benefiting from this extensive experience, comes the seven-seat GX460. Developed from the ground up as a ‘Dual Concept’ vehicle—to be equally at home on- or off-road—and tested on the world’s roughest terrain, this muscular Lexus SUV offers incredible power, safety, roominess and flexibility. Fusing off-road prowess with the on-road refinement of a Lexus sedan and fitted with an ultra-smooth, hand-assembled V8 gasoline engine, the GX460 gives you the freedom to go almost anywhere. Whether you want to reach a ski resort, cross a rocky mountainside, cruise on the expressway or simply negotiate city traffic, this luxury SUV will always get you to your destination in exceptional comfort and inimitable Lexus style.

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