The fresh evolution of the IS compact sedan builds on the inspired character and distinctive spirit of the IS as Lexus’s original sports focused sedan. Its development started with the fun-to-drive experience and sporty design woven into the IS’s DNA, and focused on evolving pure sports driving pleasure to a higher level, boosting driving fun and fueling the desire to drive even further. It is realized in a design that anticipates thrilling and agile driving performance in an intelligent and innovative package. A powerful face and athletic lines project an aggressive attitude at first glance. A closer inspection confirms the dynamic presence of a sports sedan honed for captivating driving pleasure. In the cabin, this sporting attitude is balanced by refined Lexus sophistication, blending support for sports driving exhilaration with amenities and thoughtful touches to support an active lifestyle. Integrating advanced Lexus functionality that satisfies contemporary needs, with spacious comfort and ample capacity for passengers and their gear, to make every drive a true pleasure.