The Lexus LS is a true marvel of craftsmanship and design. Announcing its class-leading styling is a striking spindle grille, which is part of the bold new L-finesse design. Its advanced aerodynamic, aggressive exterior is achieved with specially designed front guards, bumper, bonnet, and wheel rims.Welcoming you when you approach is the Advanced Illumination system that radiates a warm glow from external and in-cabin LED lights.

The LS is a perfect fusion of unparalleled luxury and unrelenting performance. Introducing a radical new design of the spindle grille, inspired by Japanese Takumi craftsmanship. It consists of 5032 facets and needed six months to calibrate

The rear seats feature 7 stages of massage, inspired by the Japanese Shiatsu technique for tension easing, which can be controlled using a touch-panel controller. So sit back and relax.


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