Lexus has exceeded the limits of creativity and luxury thanks to the smooth and innovative design. LX has crowned this creativity thanks to attractive design and dynamic presence displayed in the contrasting outstanding aerodynamic lines and angles that give the vehicle a sport character combined with absolute elegance.

Driving the LX S makes you feel like you are on top of the world. Unique sporty features including stylish front and rear spoilers, a revamped spindle grill and sporty foot rests and pedals, combined with all the luxury touches you expect with the LX, means this is a drive of amazing uniqueness and excellence

Lexus LX redefines the concept of luxury, providing the perfect blend that combines manufacturing quality with perfect elegance, and this is reflected through the masterly design the interior spacious cabin.

5.7-Liter 362 Horsepower
Equipped with smart dual variable valve timing to find a balance between power and fuel efficiency for agile and high responsive sport driving both in high-road or off-road.


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