The NX was developed around the core concept of ‘Premium Urban Sports Gear’, a next-generation Lexus that applies an urban focus to luxury SUVs. ‘Premium Urban’ aims to create refined solutions to the mobility demands of city living, offering advanced technologies, excellent environmental performance and refined Lexus features that provide outstanding quality and driving pleasure. ‘Sports’ expresses a dynamic and active attitude that shapes the aggressive and very individual styling, and injects a sporting edge into driving, with sport-honed acceleration, control and handling. It is intrinsically linked with ‘Gear’, a meticulous focus on refining every detail to offer the advanced functionality and effortless utility associated with the very best sports equipment, together with the eye-catching design and embrace of advanced technologies that set iconic ‘Sports Gear’ apart. The result is a game-changing, urban-focused SUV, with the acceleration, agility and handling to effortlessly negotiate city traffic, the utility to meet the ever-changing needs of an active and dynamic lifestyle, fuel efficiency that embodies environment-aware values, and the sophisticated features and refined detail that is a Lexus hallmark.

360 Experience

360 Experience

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