The RC was conceived as an ‘Impassioned and Captivating Coupe’, created to set the brand alight as the first-ever Lexus production coupe. Our approach to breathing life into this concept was passionate and direct: captivate with the very first look; then experience impassioned performance on the very first drive. ‘Impassioned performance’ starts with a strong coupe body structure developed exclusively for the RC. Integrating a host of advanced Lexus technologies for boosting body rigidity, we created a sports-focused chassis with outstanding rigidity. It lays the foundation for exhilarating performance generated by a 3.5-liter V6 engine, sparked by an 8-Speed SPDS (Sport Direct Shift) transmission, and given emotional expression by an innovative sound generator. ‘Captivating’ shapes a coupe design so alluring, the desire to possess it is overwhelming from the very first glance. The wide stance, low profile and deeply contoured lines of the highly condensed form exude a sexy allure that fuses sophisticated style and exhilarating performance with a refined sense of fun. It is reinforced by meticulous attention paid to the crafting of details like the signature ‘spindle grille’, striking headlamps, and an interior that exudes sportiness and elegance.

360 Experience

360 Experience

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