Our vision is to make Al-Futtaim Automotive Group an employer of choice for UAE Nationals, whereby we are able to attract, engage and develop their talents for leadership roles within the group.

Nationalisation is an integral part of our day-to-day business, as it contributes towards developing a professional generation of promising National talent in the automotive industry and simultaneously achieving the company’s growth objectives.

We will approach Nationalisation through a well-planned strategy that is designed to ensure the sustainable growth of National professionals within Al-Futtaim Automotive group via our Manpower Plan project.

A number of new programs and initiatives will be launched to strengthen Al-Futtaim Automotive Group’s existing platform and provide additional development opportunities for Nationals to further their careers within the group.


“Al-Futtaim offers a unique platform of opportunities in various sectors of the economy built around an environment that fuels career development by equipping the human capital with tools to excel, and lays out plain field for talented individuals to grow taking the nation forward”

Hassan Habib - Finance Manager - Al-Futtaim Automotive

“Al-Futtaim group encourages and support for professional and personal growth of Emiratis. Continuous trainings and employee participation are the most interesting for a good career.”

Shaikha AlNuaimi - Sales Support Executive - FAMCO

“A place where every Individual’s Presence is felt and appreciated along with the success of a company that’s why I’m completing 15 years with Al-Futtaim and looking forward to many more years to come.”

Mohammed Ibrahim - Compliance Manager – Al-Futtaim Honda

“It is a very enriching experience being part of a group that really cares about your development‎ and your career. Being recognized for your accomplishments is always a motivator towards more success.”

Khadija AlMoosawi - Customer Relations Manager - Al-Futtaim Motors

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  2. Search for the vacancy that matches your qualifications and interests.
  3. Apply for the selected vacancy, and attach your resume along with any requested documents​.

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