Construction Equipment

Al-Futtaim Automotive has a number of equipment options and related services to support you with many of your construction requirements. Our broad range of equipment ensures that more of your construction needs are met.

Wide Selection of Products

The wide selection of products we sell are sourced through our partnerships with the industry’s leading manufacturers. You can therefore trust that they will be strong enough to complete the most demanding tasks without letting you down.

You can also be sure that our products are safe to use and environmentally friendly, as each manufacturer makes both traits a priority when engineering their equipment.

Used Items

Alongside brand new equipment we also sell used items that have been thoroughly examined before sale to guarantee their quality.
These pre-owned products are available at a lower price than a new equivalent, so you can get the job done and pay less upfront.

Payment Options

Other payment options we offer include finance, rental and leasing. With a finance plan you can split the cost of the equipment you need into monthly payments.

This helps you to afford higher-priced products, as you can set a budget each month and make use of your purchase while you pay it off. Our leasing options give you access to a vital piece of equipment for an agreed period of time, so you aren’t left to dispose of an unnecessary product once the job is done.

Make an enquiry to find out more about construction equipment sales and leasing, and for guidance from our knowledgeable sales advisers. We will help you to find every piece of equipment you need from our stock and arrange the most suitable payment option to fund it.

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