Look at a Ram 1200. and it’s instantly clear: it is up for the job. In single- and double-cab versions—with double cab offering an impressive cabin length—Ram 1200 sports a robust exterior, an ergonomic interior, and a notably quiet ride. The exterior shows off with stylized halogen headlamps that provide stellar forward and side illumination. The aerodynamic coefficient of drag in a Ram 1200 gives you a pickup that glides through the air.

The Ram 1200 exterior is custom designed for payload assignments large and small. Start with the obvious: the cargo bed that defines the worth of any pickup. Double cab models deliver a tough 1,520-millimeter bed that meets virtually every working need. Behind the spacious Single Cab models is one of the largest cargo beds in the class—the massive 2,265-millimeter cargo bed. From there, it just keeps getting better. Exterior cargo tie-down rails are indispensable when you need to secure the load. Inside the box you’ll find handy hooks that ensure confident hauling. To top it off, this pickup features an ultra-durable cargo bed, and a body with reinforced structural touches where they count the most—in the rear corners.


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